Thursday, March 21, 2013

Alone in Kleptomania - a fiction novel set in contemporary China

In April 2015 the swedish author Bengt GH Nilsson first published his fiction novel "Ensam i Kleptomania", which now (in July/Aug. 2015) also is available in an english version "Alone in Kleptomania" (ISBN 978-91-7463-768-7). As the first novel in the world(?) completely translated by a machine(!) only... with all errors included !?! Now soon also available at and at a lot of other publishers shops online.

The book (268 pages) is a fiction novel set in contemporary China and a story about Yin. An unscrupulous girl in the 17´th from the Chinese countryside. She one day in desperation decides to leave her own family and go down to Guangzhou in the southern China. Especially away from the boredom and the conflictual relationship with his stepfather. Who behind her back decided to take her out of school. And instead help him and her mother with the work on the family's small tobacco farming. A lonely and monotonous job in the drying house in the yard, where magazines awakens her dream of a different existence. Where she bored finally takes the crucial decision. To leave her parents and her little brother to hopefully realize her dream of another life. A more glamorous life in "the big city". Unlike the stereotypical and predictable, run-down home on the farm. A new life which then proves to surpass both her dreams and nightmares .......

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